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With the advent of the new light of morning, then decided that I thought a lot before you start in my words and wrote what was dictated by my conscience to be Telling myself before Frankly all of reality in which we live.

In fact, must we all know who was the author of this change is not we but those who sacrificed their blood and Erouhhm and those who gave their lives and all what they have to order starter and one which is the fight against corruption and corrupt in light of the reality of live when all they have the all our greetings and appreciation, respect, understanding of those who deserve this honor

, I thank each of the reform of itself first before the reform of the reality that change from event to event and we crossed to safety thanks to the nation Kvaht believe in God and in a short period and was finally convinced that the coherence and cohesion is made of the history of nations, and make miracles.
And not the stranger that the imposition of policy we have under the repressive regime is corrupt authoritarian Michbs ideas mob reaction is built and by erasing the history and memory of a nation in order to reach the goals that meet the whims of a paraplegic sitting on the bed moving was necessary to find mechanisms and solutions to the dictatorship that was born under the birth is legitimate link between capitalism and authoritarian rotting wasted all of the rights of Egyptian citizens, which is the honor of Sam and all of us.

And that Atrgi to the aspiration of a great revolt inspired the whole world around us has to change and overall development in all state institutions, after all this is that we believe that we must bring the views of the far end of the upgrade all the variables, the next will we address to all of us and will we address to all of us with full force and cut off the tongues of anyone wishing to himself and the band is that we know the taste of the family unit and Joe Antmina familiarity to it that we do not know what to do because we are short of the national spirit?

We were born since the revolution of January 25 immortal and I found the spirit and born from north to south and from east to west, but apparently a little show of any troubles I hope that everyone not to be dragged behind the destructive thoughts return us to the back I extrude the light of freedom to us and we knew the taste of it's beautiful Vauellah not know the meaning of life, but after the winds of freedom Congratulations Asnhqt us out and we hope to maintain them and to congratulate ourselves out.

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